The first Instant replay for iPhone.


Professional playout ? No problem !

At last, music files can be played out professionally using an iPhone or iPod Touch.
PiPlayer allows you to have music clips ready to show at a tap.
By simply tapping, PiPlayer instantly plays music clips, each showing player and title to be easily identified.
Through the TouchUp, clips can be selected to focus on a single artist, making playout error and hesitation free.
PiPlayer is the ideal solution for every type of show, particularly for instant and unpredictable playout.

Sound engineers, music assistants, cabaret artists, musicians, illusionists… never a show again without PiPlayer.

Key features

•   Jingle Machine Mode
•   50 players for each playlist, unlimited number of playlists
•   Possibility to assign a different name/title to each clip
•   Visualization of current time and remaining time
•   “Pause” key
•   “FadeOut” key
•   Instant access to last playlist used
•   Use of TouchUp to avoid hesitation
•   Possibility to play wav,caf, mp3 files (any length and size)
•   Upload of files through webserver or iTunes Files Sharing
•   Compatibility with iOS 6.0 and later



    22/02/2014 PiPlayer compatible with iOS7

    28/02/2012 PiPlayer Winter Discount 2012

    06/06/2011 PiPlayer available on store

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